Little Church of the West in Las Vegas

Celebrities like Judy Garland and Cindy Crawford have selected this las Vegas wedding chapel as the backdrop for their expressions of love in previous wedding pledges. But you don’t have to be either rich or famous to take advantage of the super deals and delightful amenities that this special wedding chapel in las Vegas offers all its clients.

Although there are innumerable las Vegas wedding chapels,Little Church of the West in Las Vegas Articles few enjoy the prestige or glamour that The Little Church of the West does. With connecting service to the city’s greatest hotels and hot spots, couples will enjoy the convenience and ease of planning a quiet, meaningful wedding as a prelude to a fun-filled honeymoon las vegas chapels getaway. Las Vegas chapels feature a variety of services to eager clients, yet few claim their clients’ affection as this little church does.

Beginning, custom, traditional, and luxury packages range in price from $199 to $525 (which does not include the minister’s fee) and substitutions are not allowed. The basic service includes a simple floral arrangement for the bride, one 8×10 photo, music, and the marriage license. By contrast, the luxury package offers 18 poses of photos, an organist, flowers for the best man and bridal attendant, and a recording of the ceremony along with a history of the church that includes celebrity footage as well as past and present photos of Las Vegas that will serve as a beautiful keepsake of your momentous occasion.

The chapel enjoys a rustic look with a wooden structure and pews. A peaceful sense of solitude seems to fall over the setting with a promise of a serene start to the newlyweds’ married life together. The contact number is not toll-free, so be sure to ask about subsidiary costs that may arise while planning your special day. Call at least a few weeks in advance to ensure the reservation of your preferred date. Always ask for a print confirmation to be sent, if possible, or jot down and keep your reservation confirmation number. Don’t wait too long to book your date, as this famous chapel is the destination of many excited engaged couples. You can visit this chapel online at The Little Church of the West.